Scholarship Program

Throughout our careers as Skatepark Designers we have met so many people that have the same passion, drive and determination to design and create skateparks for themselves and their communities.
These encounters have occurred in regional and remote communities here in Australia, and developing countries around the world that we've visited as part of our volunteer work.

Through these experiences we have witnessed the challenging conditions that are faced by the local skaters through isolation, economics and/or lack of access to education and/or employment.

By offering FREE Scholarships to The Skatepark School we hope to remove these barriers, so that they too can learn and develop the skills needed to deliver their local skatepark and beyond.

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Who is This For?
Skaters Lacking Access And Opportunity

All skaters should have access to education and skills so that they can design their OWN skateparks and help BUILD UP their community! You could be a passionate skater from a remote community in Australia, or an emerging designer in Peru, Mozambique, Nepal and beyond... 

‚ĚĮ  Do you need design skills to help get a skatepark built in your community?

‚ĚĮ  Do you have a passion for skatepark design but can't afford the education cost?

‚ĚĮ  Do you want access to skatepark specific knowledge and guidance in your location?

What is The Scholarship?
FREE Access And Support For Skatepark Design

Our aim is to create an ever expanding ripple of impact by offering FREE access and support for skatepark design on a regular basis to promote education, and in turn potential employment, for those in under-served communities.

‚≠ź For every 20 Courses sold, 1 Scholarship¬†will be granted ‚≠ź

We want everyone to be part of this - so all current and new members automatically will be! And if you want to gift a Scholarship, you can do that too!

As we continue to work collaboratively with a diverse range of communities, local skaters and NGO’s (Non Government Organisation) we will offer information and pathways to potential applicants. To further extend our connection, Scholarships may be granted in collaboration with current and future charity skatepark builds to provide a full end-to-end view of the skatepark design and construction process. This could include: community meetings, sketch designs, concept designs, design development, 3D modelling, presentation packages, construction drawings and skatepark construction. Combined, they will offer the skills that lead towards professional skatepark design along with a range of other employment opportunities.

The Scholarships will include FREE access to our D.I.Y Course:

6 x Skatepark Design Modules
(Self Paced Video, Text and PDF Formats)

Skatepark Design CHEAT SHEET

Access to Members Only Facebook Group

BONUS: 3 x 1 hour phone/zoom meetings to discuss skatepark design
and Q&A's throughout the courses duration.

Why Are We Doing This?
Here's Four Good Reasons:


We have the opportunity to 'give back' or 'pay it forward' which aligns with our current volunteer work with NGO's designing and building skateparks in under-served communities.


We understand that the cost of the course is prohibitive to many in under-served communities and we want to remove this barrier.


Traditionally, the construction industry has more accessible entry pathways compared to the design industry, and we understand that not everyone wants to build - some want to design! We can help with this.


We align with the UN (United Nations) Sustainability goals including:

No.4 - Quality education
No.8 - Decent work and economic growth

Need More Information?

To find out more about our Scholarship Program please click the button below so we can send you an assessment form to see if you qualify! 

I WANT a Scholarship!