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Get those unique ideas out of your head and produce clear, accurate and professional 3D (CAD) models and concept plans for ANY skatepark.

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What is The Course?
Step By Step Training For Skatepark Design

We are industry leaders, having created more than 700 skateparks in Australia and around the world. We understand the value of your ideas and presenting them in a clear and professional manner is important. How else can they be seen, understood, financed and ultimately, built for everyone to enjoy? 

‚ĚĮ  Use SketchUp to start designing and bring your ideas to life

‚ĚĮ  Develop tangible skills and boost your confidence

‚ĚĮ  Produce clear, accurate and professional 3D (CAD) models and concept plans

 We Show You HOW to Design...
But You're in Control of WHAT You Design!

Learn how to get those unique ideas OUT of your head to start designing! Because if they stay in your head, how will anyone else get to see how amazing they are?

And how will they ever get built???

Here's a little secret too: Design what YOU believe in, because it's YOUR IDEAS that will change the future of skateparks!

Why Should I Join?
$30,000+ Degree or a $497 Course

Traditionally, the gateway into Skatepark Design has been a degree in Landscape Architecture. It's an expensive 4 year commitment offering an overwhelming amount of information that may be largely irrelevant when designing skateparks. You could also try an Advanced Diploma of Building Design (2 year commitment) for around $25,000...

In both cases, there will be an extended period of time before you even get the chance to try and design a skatepark - what if you realise you don't actually like it?

The Skatepark School compresses your timelines just like The Matrix (when Neo learns Kung Fu in a few seconds) so you can see in a matter of weeks if Skatepark Design is the right fit for you.

Don't waste time wading through unnecessary information! Jump straight in with content tailored specifically for Skatepark Design; then decide where you take it next.

Start Designing Skateparks NOW!

What Are The Benefits?

1. Experience

We are professional Skatepark Designers with over 30 years of experience, working with clients, local communities and skatepark builders to help deliver what they need and WANT!

2. Efficiency

Your computer, keyboard and mouse are critical for speed and performance. We know there are many expensive software options available, but you’ll see that skatepark design can be done with low cost or even FREE software! You’ll see our setups, what we use and why we use it. 

3. Proven Results

SketchUp gives us the ability to show skateparks in 3D and present our designs in new ways with greater detail. During the delivery of more than 700 skateparks we've evolved our process to use perspective images and QR codes (that automatically put the skatepark onto your phone so you can explore and walk through it!). You can even plug into Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality environments! These, combined with professional 2D plans include more detailed information for presentations and review than ever before. 

What's it Like?
Let One of Our Members Tell You!

Allison is one of our Founding Members who, shortly after completing the course, is now working as a Landscape Architect at a Skatepark Design company. We're excited she's started her journey and can't wait to see her new skatepark designs!


"I couldn't be happier with this course, if I didn't know any better I'd have thought you'd been running these for years!

It always felt professionally laid out in terms of the module structure, accessibility to the classes and course material, yet casual enough that everyone was able to have their input or ask a question at any time.

You really nailed it with this one guys!


Robert N.
The Skatepark School Founding Member

"Darren and Wade have done a tremendous job setting this course up. For its first time running I found it to be very insightful and helpful.

You drew the participants in and made everyone feel like they could ask questions no matter what.

I will find this knowledge and information very useful in my day to day job and look forward to potentially working with Darren & Wade in my workplace one day."

Duncan L.
The Skatepark School Founding Member

 "Darren's approach to designing skateparks is epic!"

Andrew Brophy
Girl Skateboards

"Having skated a good number of Wade's skateparks I can honestly say that they are some of the most fun, creative and approachable parks that I've had the pleasure to shred!"

Chris Jones
Isle Skateboards

What's Included?

6 Training Modules Covering Everything You Need

Module 1: Game Plan

This is where you start, prepare and get an overview of the whole course.

1.1 - The big picture
1.2 - Learn to identify components and break down designs
1.3 - Entry level knowledge

Module 2: Dramatically Increase Design Performance 

Your computer, keyboard and mouse are critical for speed and performance.

 - Hardware and software requirements
2.2 - What we use
2.3 - How to install templates, hot keys, etc. to get up and running fast

Module 3: The Simple Skatepark Design Process

Get those unique ideas OUT of your head and start designing!

 - List it
3.2 - Sketch it
3.3 - Draw it

Module 4: Turn Your Sketches Into 3D Models!

As skaters, we already see the world differently, and we’re going to take this to the next level by breaking down obstacles into component parts so that you can model absolutely anything!

4.1 - Manual Pad
4.2 - Ledge         
4.3 - Wallie End
4.4 - Stairs            
4.5 - Mogul
4.6 - Flat Bar (Square)          
4.7 - Bank Ramp
4.8 - Quarter Pipe           
4.9 - Platform
4.10 - Banked Hip       
4.11 - Euro Gap
4.12 - Kerb
4.13 - Hubba
4.14 - Handrail (Round)
4.15 - Roll In
4.16 - Quarter Pipe Hip & Bowl Pocket
4.17 - Platform (Round Corners)
4.18 - Base Slab / Flat Bottom
4.19 - Steel CHS Coping (Round)
4.20 - Steel Angle Coping (Square)
4.21 - Pool Coping

Module 5: The 3 P’s - Preparation, Production and Presentation

Show your designs in a clear and professional manner so they can be understood, financed and ultimately, built for everyone to enjoy!

5.1 - Preparation and clean up
5.2 - Applying materials
5.3 - Using styles
5.4 - Setting up views
5.5 - Creating shadows and fog
5.6 - Exporting high quality images
5.7 - Layering your exported images
5.8 - Setting up presentation packages
5.9 - Export to PDF settings
5.10 - You are DONE!

Module 6: Bonuses

See how far you can go once you've learned the basics and are ready for the next challenge!

6.1 - Scale a plan drawing and add a scale bar (SketchUP WEB & SketchUp PRO)
6.2 - Using components
6.3 - Union, Subtract and Intersect tools (SketchUp PRO)
6.4 - Complex Blends (SketchUp PRO)
6.5 - Adjusting shadows (SketchUp PRO)
6.6 - Purge Model to free up space, memory and reduce file size (SketchUp PRO)
6.7 - Exporting different file formats and images (SketchUp PRO)
6.8 - Installing extensions (SketchUp PRO)
6.9 - Exporting your 3D model for AR / VR / QR so you can share it with others (Kubity)
6.10 - Our professional process (AutoCAD, SketchUp PRO & Affinity)
6.11 - Ask for help! (Members Only Facebook group)



What Options Are Available?
You Decide Which One is Best for YOU!

Choose a self-paced D.I.Y Course, join other like minded designers in our GROUP Training or for the ultimate personalised, custom made experience, select our V.I.P. Coaching.

D.I.Y. Course
($497 AUD)

6 x Skatepark Design Modules

(Self Paced Video, Text and PDF Formats)

Skatepark Design CHEAT SHEET

Access to Members Only Facebook Group


Start D.I.Y. Course NOW!

GROUP Training
($1,497 AUD)

All of the D.I.Y. Inclusions PLUS:

One-on-One Introduction Call

6 x 2 Hour Live Group Training Sessions
(Including Recordings)

Q&A Sessions

* Minimum of 5 Members Required


Join the GROUP

V.I.P. Coaching
($4,970 AUD)

All of the D.I.Y. Inclusions PLUS:

One-on-One Introduction Call

6 x 2 Hour Live One-on-One Training Sessions
(Including Recordings)

Q&A Sessions

All Classes Scheduled to Suit YOUR Time Zone

Classes Tailored to Suit YOUR Current Skill Level

Design Review on YOUR Skatepark Design

Only 2 Spots Available


Become a V.I.P.

Anything Else?
How About Some Special BONUSES!

‚ĚĮ  Skatepark Design CHEAT SHEET
You'll also get access to our Cheat Sheet that shows the top tips and tricks to get you designing fast!

‚ĚĮ  Members Only Facebook Group
We want to build a community of Skatepark Designers, so you get access to a private Facebook group where you can freely ask questions, give advice, troubleshoot problems, learn from each other and share your "Ah-ha!" moments, at any time of the day or night. 

‚ĚĮ  1:1 Zoom Video Call
GROUP and V.I.P. Members
- You will get a bonus one hour 1:1 call with Wade or myself so you can ask questions, talk about what you’d like to do, talk about skateparks, talk about skating, talk about anything really! Remember, the time is yours, so be prepared and armed with questions to get the most out of it.

‚ĚĮ  Zoom Q&A sessions
GROUP and V.I.P. Members
- After our live training, you can ask your most pressing questions right then and there!

Want to START Designing Skateparks?

Turn YOUR ideas and rough sketches into clear, accurate and professional skatepark concept designs that can get people excited, assist with funding applications and hopefully, be BUILT for everyone to enjoy!!!

Start Designing Skateparks NOW!




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who is this course for?
Anyone exploring what's involved in Skatepark Design, or looking for a change from what they're currently doing. You may want to add to an existing qualification, use this as a taster for a potential future career, or simply sharpen your skills to produce better concept designs.

Who is this course NOT for?
Anyone looking for a magic pill to instantly become a Skatepark Designer. You'll build up your skill set so that you can produce 3D (CAD) models with realistic materials and lay them out as finished concept designs for presentation (the HOW). It also requires your time, effort and commitment to develop unique designs (the WHAT) and make them a reality.

Do I need any experience using SketchUp?
No, you just need basic computer skills. If you've used SketchUp before it will obviously be helpful, but we're going to start slow and go step by step. You'll build up your skill set so that you can produce 3D (CAD) models with realistic materials and lay them out as finished concept designs for presentation. 

How much does the SketchUp program cost?
We use SketchUp PRO in our daily workflow which is a paid desktop program, but for this training we wanted to remove the cost barrier for anyone interested in learning how to design skateparks.

To do this, we're using SketchUp for Web which is a FREE online version of the software. It can't do everything that PRO can do, but it's pretty close, and during the training we'll show you the differences so you can decide later if you want to purchase SketchUp PRO. (You'll need an internet connection to access the free version and we have discount codes for SketchUp PRO available to our members, if that's what you prefer to use).

What computer do I need?
The training will be done on a PC, but it's easy to use a Mac if that's what you have - SketchUp runs on both. There's some minor key stroke and menu differences, but that's about it.

Can I learn this by myself, without the course?
Absolutely. But you'll be spending a lot of time on the internet looking for answers that you may not find. The whole point of The Skatepark School is for you to benefit from our experience to compress your learning timeline and avoid rookie mistakes as much as possible. 

Will I be industry ready after completing the course?
You will be able to confidently render skatepark elements and produce concept plans that explain your designs in great detail. This sets you up in the best possible way if you want to work for an existing skatepark company as you can go in and start working on day one under their guidance.

Please be aware though, the number of Skatepark Design companies is small and there are NO GUARANTEES you will get a job with one of them after completing the course.

Will I be a professional Skatepark Designer after completing the course?
Over the span of our careers, we have not seen any formal qualifications that recognise you as a professional Skatepark Designer (like there is for a Doctor or Dentist, for example). And while it is possible to design skateparks without further education, most professional Skatepark Designers hold formal qualifications in areas such as Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Building Design & Drafting etc.

You need to confirm if formal qualifications are needed to comply with your country's legal requirements before undertaking work as a professional Skatepark Designer.

Remember - you can only learn one thing at a time. If your goal is to become a professional Skatepark Designer, this course is the first step in that process.

Do I get a formal qualification after completing the course?
No. We are not an Australian Education Provider or Registered Training Organisation (or equivalent in your country) and do not provide degrees, diplomas, etc.

Can I submit for Skatepark Design tenders after this course?
No. To submit for tenders there are certain business and legal requirements that need detailed investigation before you begin. As a general overview, you need to set up a business structure that complies with your country's legal requirements, get the correct insurances, register for tender notifications and prepare your tender response.

I'm scared of being responsible for a massive skatepark project - what if I screw it up?
Take a moment and consider your perspective. Your FIRST project is unlikely to be designing a million dollar skatepark. It will be a small skatepark. Possibly just a little upgrade to your local skatepark - which is actually the perfect place to begin!

You'll start small, learn as you go and build up over time. And we're here to support you along the way. 

How long is the course?
The course has 6 learning modules that you complete at your own pace. You may go all in and watch the whole lot in 24 hours, or space them out and do one a week. It’s totally up to you and designed to work with YOUR schedule.

GROUP Training & V.I.P. Coaching runs over a 6 week period with live content training (2 hours each week via Zoom). All the training will be recorded so if you can’t make it live, you’ll be able to watch the replays.

And as a paid member, you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to go back and re-watch them as many times as you like!

What if I sign up and I'm not happy with the course?
You get a risk free guarantee. At the end of Module 2 you can decide to commit to the course and START Designing Skateparks or, if you’re not 100% convinced that it’s the right fit for you, we’ll give you a FULL REFUND!

Please contact us directly if you have any doubts or would like us to run through anything in more detail.

What if I have questions about the course?
You can post your questions and comments through our Public and/or Members Only Facebook groups or reach out directly via email - [email protected] 

How does The Skatepark School protect my privacy and keep my information secure?
Learn about how we keep your personal information private and safe along with our website terms and conditions of use - Terms and Conditions/Policies

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We're sorry you missed a spot enrolling for the LIVE Group or VIP Training - they went quickly!

We'll be opening the doors again early in 2024 and EVERYONE'S INVITED!

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The D.I.Y. Course is Ready For YOU!

The D.I.Y. course is always accessible - so if you are ready to jump straight in, click the button below!

START Designing Skateparks NOW!